Saturday, May 4, 2013

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon 

A canvas with melted crayon hangs in one of my classrooms and has been a source of curious conversation all year.  Many of you have ask to create this in the classroom and I have declined to do so.  My explanation is that I could not manage it with 24 students in a classroom.  BUT, you can easily do this at home.  Here are the supplies you will need:
4-6 boxes of 24 count crayons (dependent upon size of the canvas)
1 canvas board
1 package of packaging tape
1 low-temp glue gun with glue sticks
Newspaper to protect your surface area
1 hair dryer
Adult supervision

Lay out your colors, 2-3 boxes, in any order you would like on a piece of tape with sticky side facing up.  I cut the tape the width of the canvas board.  Make sure to group like colors together, the order of the rainbow or color wheel works best.  Take a second piece of packaging tape that is about 4" longer than the first and tape across the crayons, sticky side down this time leaving 2" exposed on each end of the crayons.  Wrap the extra exposed tape around to the back of the canvas to secure the crayons at the top of the canvas.
Now, lay lots of paper down to protect the surface area where you will be doing your melting.   I even taped paper to the wall surface and I did do this outside.  The crayon will splatter so protect the floor and wall way beyond the area of the canvas, maybe 3 times as much!  To begin, set your hair dryer on high and hold it near the top area of the taped down crayons to begin the melting.  Pay attention to which colors melt first.  Wonder why that happens.  Any thoughts?  That is a bit of science in action.  Identify whether they are warm or cool colors that melt first.  Hummmm?
As the colors begin to soften they will drip, splatter and run.  Don't let them splash on you, they will be hot.  Move the hair dryer around to control the melting.  The end result will be controlled by where you apply the most heat.  You are finished when all the crayon has melted down or when  you have achieved the result that is most pleasing to you.  Your adult supervision can help  you with this.
Next remove the messy crayon wrappers and packaging tape and discard.  Take new crayons from the remaining 2 - 3 boxes and replace the original ones.  These will be glued into place with the glue gun.  Get help for this part, even the low-temp guns are pretty hot.  
Admire you work and sign your name at the bottom.  Hang this on the wall and be proud!  Most of all, I hope you had fun creating your own piece of melted crayon art.  If you really enjoyed this, check out art web sites on line where artist have become very created with melted crayon. Here is an interesting site.
Make sure to clean up everything well, all good artist clean up when they have finished their project.

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