Monday, May 13, 2013

Recycled T-shirt Baskets

Looking inside of the basket from top to bottom
side view of finished basket

Lets make some woven baskets!


1 hula hoop (check the dollar store, I bought the small one)
1-2 old adult size t-shirts (laundered)
good scissors
Adult helper

First have your adult helper cut the t-shirts into 1/2" strips.  You can measure and mark so they will all be the same or just try to eye the size.  I cut starting at the bottom of the shirt and work all the way up to just under the sleeves.  You want to cut through so you have circles of cloth.  After you reach the arms, set them aside and cut strips from the sleeves.  Make sure you have good scissors for this step or you will have difficulty cutting through the cloth.

You will need about about 5 circles of cloth to warp  your loom.  Stretch the circles across the hula hoop, spacing them evenly around the diameter of the hoop.  You will need an odd number of spines to the warp so on one side, line two of the warps up as one.  Check out the pictures if  you are not sure what I mean.

 Now, take a circle and thread it around the center section of your loom, divide you warp spines evenly and pass the end of the circle through itself.  Again look at the photo for clarification.  Pull this tightly and begin to weave.  You will go in and out of the warps, over - under, over -under.

 When you run out of fabric circle, slide a new one on by passing the loop through one another and continue to weave.  Don't pull excessively tight but you do want your weave to be snug.  The more circles of cloth that are added into your weaving, the larger your basket will become.  The above finished basket only has about 8 pieces of cloth and measures about 4" tall with a diameter of about 4

1/2".  To finish off the basket, cut the warp at the hula hoop so that it can be split into two pieces of fabric.  Tie the two pieces with a square knot tightly and close to the top of your weave.  Do this with all of the warps.  If you work from opposite sides of the basket, it will retain its shape better.  When all of the knots have been tied off, trim the excess warp fabric to about 1/4".  Your T-shirt basket is ready to hold all of your treasures!

Completed basket with tied warp fringe

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