Saturday, May 4, 2013


This new blog originated out of a request from one of my students.   He recently approached me, after having viewed my blog Art on my hands and ask me to add more detailed lesson plans to my blog.   That is not really the approach I wanted to use for my blog but the request did start me thinking.   I have decided to create a second blog with easy to do project lessons that students can use at home with everyday supplies that most households already have on hand.  This post launches that new blog.  My goal will be to add 1 -2 lessons that are student friendly each week, primarily focusing on summer vacation and break time.  Some of these lessons may become more crafy in nature.
 So, my wonderful student, this is what you ask me for and I am happy to be able to bring you "My Students have Art on Their Hands, Too!"  Thanks for the suggestion!
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