Sunday, June 30, 2013

This post is a challenge for 4th graders

I found this image on pinterest.  It was created by an older student and was posted at the Artsonia Art Museum.  This is an elaborate example of the one-point perspective we were working on at the end of the school year.  We limited our work to 5 shapes, I haven't counted to see how many are here but you can see it is well beyond the five!
Remember all  you need is a straight edge (ruler), a pencil and to establish that one point that everything radiates from.  Grab an eraser if you want.  I know you can create something just as wonderful!  Add color if you'd like and email it over to my teacher address and I will post your finished project here!
Happy drawing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great things to do

We are so lucky to live here in the Berkshires, there are so many things to do.   If you pay attention, you can find many free activities as well.   Here are two that are worth your attention.  Sunday is family day at the Clark Art Museum in Williamstown.  Not only will you enjoy access to all of the museums exhibits, the grounds will be a buzz of activity.  This has always been a favorite for my daughter and I.  Grab your family and head on up to the Clark on Sunday!

The Berkshire Museum has some great programs running this summer, too.  Beginning next week, enjoy paper folding, Origami, every Tuesday at 1pm.  And, for all of you who are always wanting to fold paper airplanes during free art, they will host a paper plane challenge on Thursdays at 1:00.   Both events will run each week during July and August.  The events are free with admission to the museum.  If cost is a factor, grab your library card and reserve a admission pass at the Berkshire Anthenium.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Terrific blog link for drawing activities

Check out this wonderful drawing club link for some terrific activities to last you for most of the summer!

Be an architect, builder

Head outside into your backyard, the park or a lightly wooded area.  Collect some artifacts of nature. Don't pick anything, just gather things from the ground.  Now, sit down quietly and imagine that you are in the middle of a fairy ring.  All around you are hundreds of beautiful fairies and they are searching for the perfect house.  You will be the architect of their fairy home.  It should be beautiful yet sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain.  If you build it against a tree, a rock or other natural element it will probably become stronger.  Plan for balance as if you were building with blocks.   When you are finished, take a picture and email it to me or make a drawing in your sketchbook.  Here are a few photos for inspiration.  While you have your creative brain working, write a story about the fairies or head out to the library and check out a book about fairies such as Fairy Houses.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elmo and friends pom creatures.

This little guy is hanging on my metal cart that holds my Elmo Document Camera. I created him shortly after purchasing the camera that I call Elmo to make certain students would know what I was referring to.  So he is an Elmo hanging on my Elmo Cart.  Students have often ask me to make these in class but honestly, there is never enough time for all that I want to do with them.  These are relatively easy to make and should be a fast, fun, summer project to do at home.  You will need the following supplies:

1 fork plastic or metal
1 set of googly eyes
1 small pom pom for nose
1 magnet for the back
a ball of yarn of choice
1 pair of scissors

This should be an easy child project but assistance may be needed from an adult dependent upon the child's age.

Start by winding the yarn around the tongs of a fork.  The more yarn you wind, the fuller and bigger you pom creature will become.  Be careful to not wind the yarn too tight.
Cut wound yarn away from ball or skein of yarn.  Cut a separate piece of yarn about 6" long.  Slip one end of the yarn in between the tongs of the fork at the handle end of your fork.  Bring the other end up between the tongs at the open end of the fork.  Tie the ends into a knot around the wound yarn.
Slide the tied yarn off of the end of your fork and cut open the outside loops.  
Fluff up your pom and glue on googly eyes, pom pom nose and a magnet on the back.  Allow time for everything to dry before you play with it or use it as a magnet.  If you want a larger pom, wind the yarn around 3-4 fingers and repeat the above process.

Change your colors to create Elmo - Red yarn,  The Grouch - Blue yarn (glue him inside of a bottle cap to look like a trash can and put the magnet on the cap) or Cookie Monster - Green Yarn.  Have fun and create an entire family of pom creatures and give them your own names!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Olivia's Luna Moth Step by Step

Here are the colors of a Luna Moth
This tutorial was created by a 4th grade student.  Follow Olivia's step by step instructions and add color to your moth.   Luna moths can be found in Massachusetts. Learn more about them here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Sketch Books

Just a reminder to all of you.  You may finish up the assignments in your sketchbooks over the summer and bring them in during the first two weeks of school this fall to receive an extra square on the Free Art Chart.   This is a great activity for a rainy stuck in the house day or for in the car when you are traveling this summer.  As always, do your best work and fill the page.  Add a few sentences on the back of your work, or for 1st and 2nd grade, on the lines at the bottom of the page to let me know how you feel about what you have created.  Extra pages in your book are for your free use.  Be creative this summer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Click on Artkive to go directly to the site...great way to save your student's artworks

The clutter-free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork.

1 Create it

Your child comes home with art or schoolwork they’ve created

2 Artkive it

Use Artkive to take, tag, and store an image of their work in just seconds

3 Enjoy it

Turn your child's Artkive into a book or other great gifts and keepsakes