Monday, June 24, 2013

Be an architect, builder

Head outside into your backyard, the park or a lightly wooded area.  Collect some artifacts of nature. Don't pick anything, just gather things from the ground.  Now, sit down quietly and imagine that you are in the middle of a fairy ring.  All around you are hundreds of beautiful fairies and they are searching for the perfect house.  You will be the architect of their fairy home.  It should be beautiful yet sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain.  If you build it against a tree, a rock or other natural element it will probably become stronger.  Plan for balance as if you were building with blocks.   When you are finished, take a picture and email it to me or make a drawing in your sketchbook.  Here are a few photos for inspiration.  While you have your creative brain working, write a story about the fairies or head out to the library and check out a book about fairies such as Fairy Houses.

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