Friday, October 11, 2013

Artsonia newsletter

News & announcements from your child's school art room.October 11, 2013
Student statements and welcome to our new art endeavor!
from Mrs. Hyman
Students recently began writing artist statements during their art class time.  This is a slow process as I would want every child to be able to create a meaningful statement about their art work.  With only two electronic devices in the art room, only about four statements can be created during their art time.  With that said, students have been given the opportunity to write statements outside of class and may create them at home.

I thank your for your support of this exciting new endeavor in the art room.  I am really pleased with the response I am receiving from the students and families alike.  I would appreciate your joining your child's fan club, leave encouraging comments concerning their work and follow their progression with their art growth this school year.

As I have told them all, this is not intended to be a fund raising venture.  Please do not feel pressured into spending any monies on products if you are not interested.

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