Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kidcartoonists Blog

Hey Everyone,

I was just contacted by this Blogger, Bob Webber, Jr. about his cartooning blog.  I thought you might find it to be a fun diversion.  Here is information from his blog.
Bob Weber, Jr. is the award-winning creator of Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids, one of the world’s most popular children’s activity comic strips. Distributed by King Features Syndicate to nearly 400 print and online newspapers, Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids entertains young readers worldwide with mystery puzzles, visual games, how-to-draw lessons, and informative fun facts. Bob visits schools and libraries, teaching and inspiring kids to create their own comics. Now Bob offers, a wonderful online gallery of cartoons drawn by kids from around the world!  He offers several step by step cartoon tutorials.  Have fun and draw a few!  I have a link on Art on my Hands that will take you straight to the blog.

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