Sunday, June 29, 2014

Feeling Calm

With less than a week since we officially started summer vacation, I can't say I've accomplished anything monumental.  I really have been keeping calm and just enjoying vacation.  As I chilled on the deck yesterday with a terrific book in the cool breeze, I occasionally found myself assessing the beauty of nature in my backyard.  A lot of people might not appreciate the way I manage my yard, it's a bit natural, but I think it is a bit of heaven.  There is one spot that I always especially love gazing over at.  The ground is covered in native ferns with a decaying fallen tree through the middle.  To me, it speak the splendor of nature.  My goal for the summer is to recreate that scene in some sort of artistic medium before we head back to school in a few weeks.  It might be a realistic watercolor painting or something totally abstract.  So, my challenge to you, my fabulous artistic students, find that space in your summer world that you especially love and find a way to recreate it, too.  We can all share what we have created when we come back to school in the fall.  Deal?  

I created my picture for the challenge...have you?

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