Friday, July 18, 2014

Build and Draw

This weeks challenge for you is to have some fun with you Legos or other type blocks and create something truly interesting, creative, and original.  Done that?  Now pull out some paper and a pencil and draw what you've made.  Try drawing it from different side and different views.  For those of you who learned perspective toward the end of the year, think about really concentrating on the perspective.  Everyone else, remember, Lego and other type blocks are shapes!!!  We can all create shapes so draw the shape, add other shapes and before you know it you will have completed your Lego creation.  Think about the drawing in the same way as when you built it....block by block.  And YES, I definitely want to see it.  Save it and share it with me when schools starts back up.  Use your sketchbook for the drawing if you'd like. I'm off for my first vacation in about 6 years beginning tomorrow.  Hope you are having a great summer, too!!!

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