Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ninja Turtles

With the release of the new Ninja Turtles movie, I thought you might like a step by step for drawing the turtles.  This would work for any of the four, you just change the color of their mask once you decide to color your finished drawing.  So, here we go, step by step.....

1. Draw an oval.  Remember to make it light, you can darken the lines you want to keep once you are      finished.  When you add color over light lines, they will disappear.

2. Pump out the cheek area on each side of the oval by adding a curve on each side.

3. Near the top of the cheek curves, add an upside down curve in the middle for the nose.  Connect the curve to the cheeks with a horizontal line.

4.  Add some goofy cartoon eyes above the nose by making two half ovals with a half oval inside of each one for the iris and a dot inside of the iris.  Where you place the dots will matter; they show the direction your turtle is looking.  Mine is cross eyed!!!  Add curves above the eyes like eyebrows.

5. Connect the curved eyebrows with a short horizontal line and extend those lines to the outside of the turtles head.  This happen just above the bottom of the nose area as well.  Connect the horizontal lines with two curves to make the outside edges of the mask.

6.   In the area outside of the head and next to the mask, add a small "c" and "s" curves to create the tie of the mask.  Look closely at my illustration and copy what you see.  Lastly, add a big upwards curve for the mouth.  Create a smaller curve under the first one and add an upside down curve between the two to create the look of an open mouth with a tongue.  Don't forget the small curves on the outside areas of the mouth.

Finally......Color your Ninja Turtle in the colors of  your choice.

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