Monday, August 18, 2014

Working with the paper roll...have you done it yet????

So, have you made anything from your paper roll, yet?  I sat down with one today and came up with a animal.  Here are step by step photos of the process:

First, slightly flatten the tube and draw the contour line of what  you would like to make.  Can you tell that I am planning an elephant?  He will be a standing 3D sculpture when completed.

Next, with it still flat, cut off the negative spaces leaving the positives.

Finally, round out the tube again to take back the original shape of the tube.  Then fold and bend the various sections of your tube to give it a little personality.  I pulled up on the trunk and tusk and also folded the ears forward.

Here it is from another view to show off the tail a little better.  Okay,  what are you going to come up with?  I would want to add some color to this guy as well as the detail.

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