Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Paint!!

Back to school sales are on...everywhere.  If you don't already have a tray of watercolors; now is the time to pick some up really inexpensively.  I had a little fun with my watercolors yesterday and I think you would enjoy this approach as well.   First I used masking take to add some sections to my sheet of paper.  Just divide it up anyway you would like.  Next I added a color background to each section.  On the orange section shown, I took a paper towel and dabbed it to create a little texture.  Finally, I just had fun painting in each section.

I let the sections and colors guide my work and tried to experiment with my brushes and the paint and just play.  So, grab that tray of watercolors, a little paper and see what you can do with a divided painting.

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