Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sometimes art should just be about FUN!

I've seen several post about painting with bubbles lately and thought it just sounded fun.  Today I headed over to WalMart and picked up the cheapest bottle of bubbles I could find.  I was wishing I had some of the liquid watercolor from school or even an extra marker or two that I could soak in the bubbles to add some color.  We have a whole bin of them at school, I wish I'd planned better.  So, I did the next best thing I could think of, I bought some food coloring.  So here is how I did this,   First I found three small containers that were big enough for the bubble wand to fit in.  I used some over medication containers that I'd been saving to make stamps with.  I filled them with the bubble solution and added three drops of the food coloring to each over.  I filled one with red, one with blue, and one with yellow.  Here is where the fun began.  The color did some really cool things in the bubble solution.  The blue one looked a bit like a whirl wind.  Here is the red one.

I used the blow wand to mix the food coloring
into the bubble solution.
 Then the fun began.  I just blew bubbles.  I used one color at a time and experimented with how closely I held the wand to the paper.  I discovered that if the bubble sat on the paper and then popped it would leave a darker ring of color in the shape of the bubble.  Sometimes bubbles popped before they made it to the paper and it splashed color everywhere.  I thought the colors might mix to make new colors but I wasn't successful in doing that.  Here is the most important thing I learned: bubble paints dry at a much slower rate than watercolor.  This was a really fun art project.  I think the finished work is very interesting as well and I think all four of my papers would look terrific hanging as a group composition.  So all you need to make your own is some cheap bubble solution, paper and something to add color to the bubbles.  Make sure to create outside.  Flying bubbles can be hard to control.
A close up.  The bottom left is where the bubble sat on the paper
for a while before it finally popped.

With bubbles still sitting on the papers

The final work, waiting to dry.

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