Friday, July 17, 2015

Texture Safari - summer style!

I'll start this post by apologizing for it being so late.  I spent this whole week trying to come up with an easy no cost or low cost project to share with you and I was stumped.  But while visiting another site with numerous post connecting Science and Art, the idea most literally popped into my head.  I'll share more from that post later but for now here is you challenge for the week.


paper - any type recycled or new
old crayons (peeled) or charcoal

Many of you have experienced our Nature Safari in class.  If you recall, we go on a safari to discover as many textures as possible around the art room.  Now I'd like you to hit the great out doors and create a safari of your own.  Where can you find some texture?  I think my backyard will be endless and I can't wait to get started.
 Can you see the possibilities?

And now, back to that really cool blog post I was telling you about. Here is the link.  I can't wait to try out that Rainbow paper!

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