Friday, September 8, 2017

Back at it again!

A Shapescapes Stabile
We just completed week two in my district.  This year is a bit different in that I am seeing Kindergartners right away.  They usually don't attend specialist until they are settled into a school routine.  I saw my first Kinders about an hour after they began their first day of school.  I was really anxious; probably as much as they were about their first day of school.  Much to my surprise, and relief, it went great and I am really enjoying spending time with these littles.  I generally begin my Kinder classes in a Reggio Emilio style of learning for about the first month to six weeks.  Class time begins with a book and then several stations of manipulative are put out for students to use to create.  I stumbled on a post this summer on Facebook demonstrating the use of Shapescapes and I headed right over to Amazon to purchase a set with my kinders in mind.  I have to say, I love these things.  Yes, they were a bit pricey but let me tell you, I will be purchasing another set as soon as I can work it into my personal budget.   When they arrived in August, I immediately put my adult personality aside and jumped right into building some stabiles with the ShapeScapes..  I had a blast.  This week my kinders got a hold of them and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and their enthusiasm.  I began the lesson by introducing Alexander "Sandy" Calder and reading the book "Sandy's Circus",  We examined a mobile and discovered the differences between mobiles and stabiles.  Then we set to work building.  Here are some of the terrific creations that came out of the lesson.  I promised to let them build again next week.  I'm thinking it might be a while before we tire of these terrific shapes!
Another Shapescapes creation

More Shapescapes

Building stabiles with Legos
More Lego stabiles

Tossed out from a Math program
Good for building in the Art Room!
A find in the bargain bin at Target
One child's building ideas

Same material as about right but a different idea on how to build.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

It's Kids Art Week TIme!!

Carla Sonheim is offering her Kids Week again.  Click on the link and jump over there for a really terrific week or Art Making.  Best thing is It's Free!!

Berkshire County Rocks

We painted rocks in Art Club for two years and hid them around the school.  Here is your opportunity to paint rocks and be involved in a county wide event.  Ask you folks to join the Berkshire County Rocks group on Facebook and get started.  Find a rock/leave a rock and spread some artistic cheer this summer!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Guilty of not posting....that's me

I am officially slacking this summer.  It's all been about me....Me enjoying the sun room.....Me driving a BMW Convertible in the 4th of July Parade....Me working on a summer course.....Me doing a watercolor challenge for #WorldWatercolorMonth....ME!  So, I am officially apologizing for leaving you hanging.  If you're trying to fill up those sketchbooks, I am SOOOO Proud of you!  If you need some new ideas, here is a handy little list I found over at Sketch Book Skool.  These a little more challenging than the ones we usually do for the 6 minute draw but I know you have terrific imaginations and will come up with something.  I can't wait to see your ideas when we return to school.  So, I'm going to continue to work on some ME stuff and pull out my watercolors to learn and practice some myself.  

It's been great running into so many of you this summer.  Be sure to say hello when you see me!  Enjoy summer and some YOU time! 

Thanks to Sketchbook Skool for this great handout. #sketchbookskool.