Monday, July 10, 2017

Guilty of not posting....that's me

I am officially slacking this summer.  It's all been about me....Me enjoying the sun room.....Me driving a BMW Convertible in the 4th of July Parade....Me working on a summer course.....Me doing a watercolor challenge for #WorldWatercolorMonth....ME!  So, I am officially apologizing for leaving you hanging.  If you're trying to fill up those sketchbooks, I am SOOOO Proud of you!  If you need some new ideas, here is a handy little list I found over at Sketch Book Skool.  These a little more challenging than the ones we usually do for the 6 minute draw but I know you have terrific imaginations and will come up with something.  I can't wait to see your ideas when we return to school.  So, I'm going to continue to work on some ME stuff and pull out my watercolors to learn and practice some myself.  

It's been great running into so many of you this summer.  Be sure to say hello when you see me!  Enjoy summer and some YOU time! 

Thanks to Sketchbook Skool for this great handout. #sketchbookskool.

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  1. You should have a well deserved ALL about me time! Enjoy your summer!
    Love Nevaeh, Lexi and Lori too!